Josh Farrester, DPT

Josh Farrester, DPTA 2015 graduate of George Fox University’s doctor of physical therapy program, Josh Farrester, DPT, returned to his hometown of Madras to provide physical therapy and rehabilitation services he honed through a diverse range of collegiate, clinical and volunteer experiences.

After earning his degree in Exercise and Sports Science at Oregon State University, Josh was accepted as a physical therapy student at George Fox where he treated the underserved both locally and internationally. As a student, he traveled to Uganda to perform physical therapy services to its citizens and to collect data to assess the differences in foot posture between people who habitually wore shoes and those who didn’t. Back in Oregon, Josh volunteered to help treat an underserved population in Newberg, Oregon, and developed exercise routines for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) while in Corvallis.

Since joining the Apex team during the summer of 2015, Josh has continued to work with a diverse population of patients and clients with a variety of functional and fitness goals. From neck/back pain and post-operative rehabilitation to worker’s compensation injuries, sports rehabilitation, and athletic performance enhancement, Josh has developed a strong bond with the community he’s long called home. Outside the clinic walls, Josh is the cycling coordinator for Madras’ annual MAC Dash sprint triathlon, and he volunteers to help provide free physicals for local student athletes.

Josh first walked in the Apex Physical Therapy door back in 2007 as part of our free Athletic Injury Clinic. A senior at Madras High School, Josh was nursing a swollen knee and was eager to get back on the field. His treatment experience at Apex, he would later say, left an impression on him that would later influence his decision to become a physical therapist.

These days in his free time, Josh enjoys rock climbing, standup paddleboarding, fishing, kayaking … you name it. “If it involves being outdoors doing something, I tend to get involved with it,” he said.