Athlete Injury Clinic

Here at Apex Physical Therapy, our clinical experience is abundant, but our on-the-field experience is extraordinary. Lead physical therapist and certified athletic trainer Brock Monger, DPT, for instance, boasts athletic training experience on the NCAA football field, on the slopes during NCAA and Olympic Trial downhill and snowboarding events, on the ice during 2002 Winter Olympics hockey games, and even in the PRCA rodeo arena.

Athletic Injury Clinic - Apex Physical TherapyThe beneficiaries of such professional level athletic training experience and our Athletic Injury Clinics are the student-athletes of Jefferson County, all of whom are offered direct access to this elite level of preventative and rehabilitative care at Apex Physical Therapy. Thanks to a community partnership, Apex offers all Madras and Culver high school student-athletes a complimentary Injured Athlete Assessment designed to encourage the timely evaluation and treatment of aches, pains and movement limitations related to extra-curricular activities.

Serving as a student-athlete triage point, so to speak, Apex physical therapists who provide Injured Athlete Assessments quickly alert the athlete, parents and the family doctor if the injury requires further examination by a physician. Our goal is to ensure athletes experience a safe and speedy return to the playing field, and we do this by proudly working in conjunction with local physicians to ensure the highest level of care possible.

Our complimentary student-athlete assessments are subject to a referral from a coach, athletic director or parent, and they require parent/guardian authorization. Apex Physical Therapy also provides on-the-field access for these student-athletes by volunteering athletic training services during several Madras High School home events each year.