Spine Care

Spine Care - Apex Physical TherapyYour spine is an amazing system – the complex foundation of your body. It’s made to move in several directions while supporting the body and protecting all lines of communication to the brain. Incredible.

Unfortunately, research shows that most people experience low back pain at one time or another. Additionally, the neck and thoracic spine are under constant strain, making them susceptible to injury. When clients come to us with spinal pain, Apex Physical Therapy’s goal – our mission – is simple: find the source. In doing so, our physical therapists evaluate your entire body as a system, taking into account every facet of your life and the way you move.

At Apex Physical Therapy, your customized spine care program will include a thorough evaluation followed by a treatment approach that combines the use of effective core stabilization exercises, home exercise, manual therapy and the use the most cutting-edge treatment tools available.

We at Apex also firmly believe in education as a treatment and prevention tool. We teach all of our clients about body mechanics and movement patterns that will decrease the risk of pain and potential re-injury. Every client that undergoes the Spine Program will leave with a broader understanding of their spine and movement strategies that will help them experience less pain and improved function.