Wellness Program

Cardio Equipment - Wellness ProgramThere are few things more satisfying than helping a client reach his or her rehabilitation and fitness goals. But getting there is only half the battle. Maintaining a high level of fitness and pain-free movement takes a lifetime commitment, which is why we at Apex Physical Therapy offer the Wellness Program – an opportunity for our clients to transition from physical therapy into a more independent exercise program.

It works like this: At the completion of formal physical therapy services, all Apex clients are offered the opportunity to continue to independently utilize our cardio and strength equipment free of charge for 30 days. The goal, of course, is to maintain – perhaps even exceed – the goals accomplished during formal treatments, but under the informal supervision of our therapists. After 30 days, clients will be given the option to continue the Wellness Program for a nominal fee.

At Apex Physical Therapy, we believe in the value of education and empowering our clients for the long term. Furthermore, we believe that continued movement and exercise are keys to minimizing pain and maximizing life.