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Successful 6th Annual MAC Dash Triathlon

Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Events, Physical Therapy | 0 comments

Saturday the 7th of September was the 6th annual MAC Dash Triathlon at the Madras Aquatic Center. I had a great time like always with friends and family as we swam, biked, and ran our way around Madras. After completing it once in 2008, I had such a great time, I purchased a used road bike. I’ve seen the event impact many people’s lives in very positive directions. I know of many people that utilized that event as motivation to learn how to swim or revisit swimming after decades removed from the activity. Now those same people swim regularly, which is a great skill and activity that keeps...

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Apex Physical Therapy an Area Leader in Concussion Awareness

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Athlete Injury, Physical Therapy | 0 comments

During a high school football game last year between Madras and Redmond, Apex Physical Therapy co-owner and licensed athletic trainer Brock Monger, DPT, ATC, noticed the familiar signs of a potential concussion. The crack of helmets, a delay in getting up, a slight stumble, disorientation … to a trained eye, the symptoms of a concussion are difficult to miss, even from the sidelines. “I have about a three-second threshold,” Brock said. “If a player takes three seconds or more to get to his feet, I don’t hesitate – I’m on the field to check on his condition.” On this particular night, Brock...

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