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A 2nd FREE Aquatic Healing Class at the Madras Aquatic Center

Posted by on May 8, 2014 in Events, Physical Therapy | 0 comments

Starting Tuesday, May 27th, and continuing every Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11am until June 19th, there will be an exciting opportunity to experience the healing effects of movement in the water. The 4 week class is titled “Aquatic Healing” and has been created by Eva Montee with collaboration from us here at Apex Physical Therapy. The class has been designed for those that would benefit from the fluid movement in the water for conditions such as: osteoarthritis low back pain joint pain, history of joint knee or hip replacement fibromyalgia generalized weakness chronic pain The class will...

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Roll Forth in Good Health, says Apex Physical Therapist

Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Injury Prevention, Physical Therapy | 1 comment

For physical therapists Brock Monger and Karin Monger (co-owners of Apex Physical Therapy) years of experience with active and athletic clients has proven that there’s often a difference between the location of pain or an injury and its cause. “I’ll see runners in the clinic for knee pain who don’t know that, for instance, the side of their leg is tender to the touch,” said Brock. “The soreness and tightness on the side of their leg – the knot, or myofascial adhesion – is altering the joint mechanics of the knee, which leads to the knee pain.” It’s all part of the kinetic chain, Brock said –...

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